How can I transfer my domain to another easyname account?

If you want to transfer your domain to another easyname account, please log in into your control panel and navigate to [My domains] -> next to the respective domain "Manage" (notepad symbol) -> under "Outgoing Transfer" use the link "Transfer domain to other account".

After entering the email address of the new easyname account, the new account owner receives a transfer request at his control panel at [Domains] -> [Internal transfer] which must be confirmed within 7 days. After the transfer gets accepted by the new account owner the transfer will be completed within a few minutes. If the transfer wont be accepted within 7 days, the transfer gets canceled automatically and must be started again if necessary.

Please note that if you have the "medium" hosting plan, no internal transfers can be processed to or from the account, however if you have no domain in your medium account and the internal transfer doesnt work, please contact the easyname support.